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"Caveat Emptor" Latin for "Let the Buyer Beware."



A well-known adage says, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”  At Kat Rhea - Real Estate Services, we believe that buying a home requires diligence, forethought and an up to date knowledge of Louisiana real estate law. Whether you’re getting ready to purchase your first home or you’re a veteran home buyer, covering the basics will help ensure that you get the absolute most from the process of buying your new home.


To that end, we’ve prepared a few pointers that will guide you on your path and help simplify the process:

Build Your Financial Blueprint

  • Before you start your search for a home, understand that your credit history controls how much you’ll pay in interest for your loan – and that can make the difference between the house you qualify to buy and the home you truly want

  • First, go to to get a free copy of your credit report. This will give you the opportunity to correct any errors or mishaps that may affect your ability to get a loan.

  • You’re now ready to contact a mortgage lender to verify what you can afford and to pre-approve you for a home loan. Your lender has a list of required documentation, including up-to-date income tax information and an explanation of any recent major financial changes.

Choose Kat Rhea - Real Estate Services 

  • Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Let our expert team help. All of our sales associates are seasoned full-time agents licensed by the State of Louisiana, who specialize in making the buying process as easy and stress-free as possible. No other real estate company knows our market better than us.

Deciding What To Look For

  • Make a priority list of your needs (what you absolutely must have) and wants (what would be nice to have). This will help streamline your search and help determine what to look for.

Where To Look For A Neighborhood To Call Home

  • When choosing a neighborhood, there are many factors to consider including location, price, schools zoned for the area, commute time, property taxes, deed restrictions, and area amenities.

  • We can provide you with detail information on your desired area.

Begin Home Search

  • Once you are ready to begin your search, a professional Realtors buyer agent will find the homes that meet your needs and coordinate showings of suitable properties to make the search experience effortless.

Submit An Offer

  • Your Realtor buyers agent will guide you on the particulars to make a written offer with terms (price, earnest money, possession and more). They will provide you with all the forms and documents you will be required to sign. The value of having a seasoned Realtor Buyers agent negotiating on your behalf cannot be overstated during the purchasing process.

Covering All The Bases

  • Once you and the seller agree to terms and sign the contract, your Realtors buyer agent makes sure the title company opens the title and starts the title commitment process. The title commitment verifies ownership, exposes any legal encumbrances that might delay or prevent conveyance, exposes any exceptions to ownership such as easements, reveals any physical encroachments such as an incorrectly-positioned fence or driveway, and details any attendant fees such as HOA assessments. Your John Daugherty, Realtors agent, will review the title commitment with you and can help answer any questions you may have.

  • Your Realtors buyers agent will help make sure every necessary item is taken care of and will help manage your contractual deadlines for the survey, appraisal, etc.

  • An inspection to assess the physical condition of the property by a licensed home inspector should be scheduled when your contract is submitted to the title company. This will give you time to review the report during the option period. This is an essential – and critical – step. You should never purchase a home without having it conducted by a licensed inspector. The inspection of the property generally included a detailed inspection that evaluates the condition of the foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roof, termites and other components.

  • Once the inspection report is satisfied, the lender will move forward and finalize your loan application so that the process is completed within the time frame established in your contract.

  • Your insurance company will need to be notified about your impending home purchase, so they have your new policy prepared for you well before closing.

Closing With Confidence

  • Before you close, your Realtors buyers agent will confirm that all conditions in the contract and any amendments to it have been met, will review the closing checklist and documents with you, and will make an appointment for you both to do a final walk-through of the home.

  • Your closing date is finally here, and you can do it worry-free. Your Realtors buyers agent will attend your closing with you to deal with any last-minute or unforeseen issues.

  • After all your documentation and paperwork is complete, you can celebrate the purchase of your new home.


As professional Licensed Realtors Kat Rhea - Real Estate Services will represent you and your best interests at every step of the home buying process. To get started, contact us today, and we’ll help you find your next home.




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