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Successful efforts at creating a fairer and more sustainable society must be broad-based and include people of every race, age, gender, and geographic area – and class.  Besides poverty class segregation remains one of the most persistent, widespread, and under-recognized factors in society today. RFSC provides personal or business training, group seminars, leadership training and workshops to communities, churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations throughout the Northshore area. We offer training opportunities for job interviews, resumes & applications assistance, we provide clothing and support in our women's dress for success program, a community job board, seminars on homeownership, housing assistance, credit repair, and so much more.

Our ideal of cultural diversity is not merely a reapplication of the idea of providing equal access to social goods themselves, but it is an attempt to redefine the goods themselves. As people of diverse backgrounds are brought together, we believe a transformation will take place in people's minds and hearts.

An individual in a formerly exclusive group will discover the richness of a different culture. He will influence others in his group who will eventually be open to different foods, different customs, and most importantly, different ideas. The diversity lecture series and planned events will produce not only tolerance and respect but understanding as well, enhancing the effectiveness and creativity of individuals and contributing to economic prosperity.


Diversity will create broadmindedness, goodwill, and social betterment in every direction. People can learn from one another's distinctive cultural experiences and become better workers, better citizens, and ultimately better people. Community African- American manager, the gay CEO, and the disabled political consultant will bring discussions and leave with a greater understanding of each other, creating guidelines for social balance.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. emphasized our interconnectedness and underlying unity. This is where the chief challenge lies and where RFSC is heading towards with this road to understanding and positive social change.



As Realtors, we must first foster a desire to understand, then we must nurture the tolerance for a difference that follows understanding, and finally develop within our community an ability to fully appreciate humanity in all its forms.


The purpose of forming a cultural diversity lecture series and planned cultural events across the Northshore Community is to encourage the development of dialogue within the community, businesses, social workers, educators, social activists, rehab facilities and caregivers, local government, police, and parents.


We believe that through the organized interchange of ideas and research, as well as the sharing of cultural products, such as food and music, of various cultural groups with the aim of inclusivity and equity across all groups. This multicultural educational program will develop a level of awareness of cultural diversity as being the road to social change, enabling the RFSC and the Northshore Community to work together to participate in this endeavor and to promote appreciation of all cultural traditions.

Projects & Workshops
March 4, 2020  -  Wednesday 12 - 2  "Home Cooked Community Lunch"
Everyone is welcome to eat, sit, chat and make new friends!
March 7, 2020 - Northshore Community host...
Box - Lunch Workshop"  Friday 11 - 3
March 11, 2020  -  Box Dinner Training  "Mother-Daughter (ages 6 & up) Self Defense class" 
Tuesday 5-7  (Baby and homework assist available)
March 12, 2020 -  Wednesday 12 - 2 "Home Cooked Community Lunch" 
Everyone is welcome to eat, sit, chat and make new friends!
March 15, 2020 "LBGTQ - Promoting Acceptance"   Saturday - Lunch & Learn 9-3
About 40% of homeless youth in America identify as LGBT and often end up on the streets because they are rejected by their family members. There, young gay, lesbian, bi and trans kids are more likely to face violence, end up in danger or participate in a crime, and encounter trauma that can affect their entire lives. A stunning 41% of trans adults have reported attempting suicide, followed by 10% to 20% of LGB adults, according to The Williams Institute. The rate for the rest of the population hovers around 4%. There are some battles that can’t be won in the courtroom, acceptance is a choice.
You can only create the color white by mixing red, green and blue!




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