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Add Zing to your Bathroom...

Make a splash with a bathroom makeover in 2019…

We totally get it—you spend a decent amount of time in there, and you want it to be the ultimate Zen oasis. If you are trying to resell your home potential buyers want that too, so splurge a little to make your lavatory lush and plush.

No matter how lavish you think your bath is, beware of the trendy designs. Just keep it simple and uncluttered. You can repaint, add a new toilet, replace or repaint and old vanity cabinet, add a framed mirror to add a clean fresh look.

If you want to really see a return on your investment consider the following ungraded ideas:

  • Add some modern simmer and shine - Pale, glossy finishes that reflect light will not only provide ‘wow’ factor, but give your bathroom a bright and open feel, too. Possessing almost magical, space-enhancing powers, glossy surfaces, mirrored finishes and glass can make a huge difference in a bathroom. As well as adding a certain shine, they can help boost light levels and make a compact space feel larger. Perfect for moisture-prone areas, these hard-wearing materials are resistant to water and easy to keep clean, too.

  • Choose your material - The most commonly used light-enhancing materials in bathrooms are colored or mirrored glass, reflective wall panels and tiles, and high-gloss furniture and bath panels. A traditional choice for bathrooms, tiles come in a whole host of glossy finishes. Go for large-format designs if you want to increase the feeling of space, as there’ll be fewer grout lines.

  • Create focus - Instead of having reflective surfaces everywhere, which can look a little sterile, try turning one wall into a feature wall. Bring focus to a key area with either a statement storage cabinet, shower cabinet or vanity unit.

  • Stay on budget - Some reflective surfaces, such as glass or beautiful book matched marble, can look ultra glam, but tend to be expensive. Less costly options include specialist laminates and Perspex, which, when diamond polished, have a long-lasting shine. If you’re looking for vanity units, then think about buying laminated gloss rather than the more expensive lacquer.

  • Light it up - Ensure you get the best from glossy finishes by choosing the lighting scheme carefully. Use down lighting to cast elegant pools of light over surfaces and recess LEDs behind glass for a diffused, soothing light that’s perfect for when you want to relax in the bath.

  • Introduce color – Sometimes light pastels or white is best, but If you are going to incorporate a bold hue or two, then it’s best to use them in single blocks, particularly if your bathroom is on the small side. You could paint a single wall in a contrasting color, or choose a vanity unit in a favorite shade. This will create an eye-catching feature without the color overwhelming the room.

  • Work the walls and floor - Tiles are now available in myriad shapes, finishes and shades. Iridescent mosaic tiles make for a fabulous focal point when used to line a shower cubicle, and metro tiles above the bath and basin can be laid in a variety of patterns – try an on-trend geometric design. Even plain field tiles can provide an injection of style if you mix and match them in several different, but complementary, colors.

  • Add accessories - Do you feel a bit uneasy about committing to a permanent tile pattern or color statement? Then incorporate accessories that can be changed easily. Introduce busy floral's with towels, shower curtains and a bathmat, and decant your lotions and potions into colorful bottles for a coordinated look.

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