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Staging a home is very important if you want to compete for the best price in your market, but often seller forget that the outside is just as important as the inside. Look at your yard from a buyers perspective – Is the yard neat and appealing or have the weeds and overgrown lawn began to look like an abandoned property? Your front yard is the first things potential buyers see, and yes, I have had buyers refuse to look any further. Here is my short list…

  1. First, power washes your house, porches, driveway, and path. Then weed, prune, trim, and plant some flowers and or add mulch. If you have planters leave one or two on the porch and fill with fresh plants. Rake dead leaves, pick up trash, toys, clutter add some mulch or bark leaves to beds, also check to make sure your mailbox looks neat and clean and is not falling over.

  2. Look at the front door and trim; this is a great time to add a new coat of paint and make it a focal point, shutters can also be painted to patch the door and add vibrancy to your home exterior.

  3. Don’t forget the back! Repair fences, gates, clean debris, kids toys, take down or repair and paint old or broken swing sets or tree houses as this can often be a selling point.

  4. Arrange an area for backyard entertaining and show off your deck or patio by setting up an inviting outdoor furniture area. Create a focal point near the grill or under a tree with a picnic table, chairs, and an all-weather umbrella. You could even set the table with a cloth runner and attractive lanterns, add some fun pillows to furniture.

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